All about that base.

Why is the cosmetics world just FULL of potential play on words?

Anyways, so about these bases…


I love my makeup bases. Like so much. Especially these three. Missha BB Boomer($15) Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen($49) BECCA Backlight Primer($38) these bases aren’t all the same type of products. Cream with a Sheen is actually a moisturizer while the other two are more of a primer type. 

From top to bottom we have Kenzoki, MISSHA, and BECCA.

Check them out moving in the light here!:

Lets start with the Kenzoki cream. As we can see it has a lot less visible sheen than the BB Boomer or Backlight Primer. This is partially due to it having to deliver a lot more than just some sheen and adhesion for makeup application like the other two (we’ll see they both do a lot more of course) But this moisturizer is loaded with white lotus flower to help sooth and reduce irritation and redness while pink peony flower will help with brightening and evening skin tone out naturally!

Next we have the MISSHA BB Boomer. If I had to pick a favorite, I think I’d pick this one. First off, it has a natural spf with it’s high Titanium Dioxide amount. While MISSHA doesn’t disclose this so it could also mean it’s SPF is >15. You can see it’s really intense pink pearl. This is going to be more suited for someone with a fairer complexion. Also keeping in mind this is a korean product which means it can possibly limit who can and cannot use this product due to it’s color. This ‘BB Cream Primer’ as it’s marketed as also has some great brightening ingredients like Allantoin!

Lastly, and definitely not least is BECCA’s Backlight Primer. White the other two were a little more heavy on the pink tones to the skin. Becca claims there are 3 pigments being used to help neutralize more undertones than just one! 1 point BECCA for being a little bit more universal (funny because I cannot match even slightly to any of their foundations) However this product has more of a warm undertone regardless. Making it more suitable than MISSHA’s primer for some. However I can wear this primer without looking “too warm” or anything like that. This product doesn’t have the same slew of benefits Kenzoki and MISSHA has but contains licorice root which is great to have in a primer to help prevent any potential breakouts or redness in the skin. 

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