CUROLOGY Experience: Part 1 Congestion Cleanup

I have had a few people ask me how I like Curology and before I made up my mind I REALLY wanted to make sure I gave it the ol college try by giving it over a month.

Why I started Curology


It’s always a weird feeling for me speaking to a dermatologist, or in this case a NP-C (they also have MDs and PA-Cs) about my own skin. It’s one thing for me to talk about products, ingredients and effects. I do it to put the roof over my head. It’s a whole different story when we are talking about the quality of my skin. Ya boy ain’t leadin’ by example 100% of the time let me just say that. But I had years and years of never ever cleansing, awful sun damage, pretty bad acne, and absolutely no guidance on the matter. So there was a lot of ground to make up. I got the majority of the damage cleared up over a year and a half. I made incredible improvements but after that my progress essentially plateaued.

Congestion was still present on my forehead, my major problem area (”scene kid” bangs in high school were like the worst idea of my life), my sebaceous filaments on my nose have always resurfaced quickly after treatment. Lastly, I am showing signs of accelerated aging from everything above, personal life/prolonged stress and malnourishment so I really actually since my move I’ve been working on slowly slower than I needed improving my well being completely. Everything from sleeping more, to very recently improving my nutrition. But after so long of battling the very last of my skin concerns I just wanted to nip them in the butt completely and I concluded it was time for the next step, prescription treatment. Since I have used and experienced pretty much every type of OTC treatment for my concern.

Getting Started/Consultation

I signed up for curology with some random free month code I found online. But they have changed their model now to offer a free trial, you just cover shipping. After that it is $19.95/month and that covers “custom medication, formula tweaks, and free messaging with your medical provider”. I don’t think it’s all too bad if you think about the fact the treatment is supposed to last 3 months. You’re paying more than that $60 for most mainstream OTC retinols, treatments, etc.

After signing up you’ll upload photos of your areas of concern and do a questionnaire about your skin. Then in a day or so your assigned practitioner will message you about the game plan (whether you need medication or not, however they say that most people do not need it) about your treatment and then also some do’s and dont’s.

The process was crazy easy and so easy my grandma could do it. I signed up over the weekend and got a notification that my treatment was being processed and I had a message from my practitioner. I had a few initial questions and they were all answered in a pretty timely matter. I also like that she recommended me to look up the products I currently use on CosDNA to see if there were any potential culprits contributing to my concerns. Of course I do this like everyday for fun and did it with every products I’m using before I let it touch my face, but you know that’s ooooKay.  I was recommended to steer away from anything that rated over a 1-2/5 for irritation and acne trigger. The only thing that I recommend outside of this is if you’re concerned of a high safety rating please research the ingredient. Sometimes they’re rated too high or are only unsafe when ingested, etc.

I was prescribed:

– azelaic acid 8% (antibacterial; reduces redness, hyperpigmentation, and blocked pores)
– clindamycin 1% (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory)
– zinc pyrithione 0.25% (antimicrobial with dual action against bacteria and fungus)

While my concerns are mainly centered around acne I wasn’t surprised. But I was disappointed there were no ingredients that had substantial anti-aging and retexturizing properties. I didn’t ask change anything because I wanted to put my trust in the practitioner.


Ingredients offered

On the Face

I was so excited when my package came. I felt like it was the last step of the intensive part of my skin journey. It may be, but it hasn’t started perfectly. I did as suggested and cut my routine down dramatically. After a couple of nights of seeing how my skin reacted to it I started slowly adding more of my routine back.


My progress started slower than I anticipated. Especially coming off of my retinol I figured my cell turnover speed would be in my favor and I could move on. But that wasn’t really the case. For the first couple of weeks I didn’t notice much, I had two minor cystic breakouts on my forehead but that was really about it. No improvement but not a whole lot of issue.

About a week after I started noticing the positives and still not noticing a whole lot of bad. At this point I was back to double cleansing and using a full routine safely around actives. (using them before anything else and waiting 20+ minutes before following with the rest of my routine.) My foreheads congestion was almost completely gone, my sebaceous filaments on my nose do not oxidize as quickly, nor do I really notice them terribly anymore.


After a few more weeks of gradually seeing these improvements I get a second wave of purging. This time in weird areas, places that I haven’t had congestion or a breakout for awhile. My lower left side of my chin and a few areas on my cheeks I had new breakouts forming. Then the one on my chin turned for the worse. I’ve had it for a little over a week now. I’m pretty tired of the breakouts, especially the cystic ones. I understand why they happen but if I was my own client and I explained everything going on I would most likely think it’s time to change the treatment up. I feel as if I have gained as much as I can from the anti-acne trio but it may be time to cut down the amount of anti-acne and increase the anti-aging.


Left before, Right after

Taken after cleansing

(Yeah these weren’t the best before and afters and I definitely just cropped the ones I sent in LOL)

I have messaged my provider and uploaded updated before and after photos of my face. I am currently waiting for a response. We’ll see where she takes me next. But overall I have been enjoying my curology experience. I’ve been given an effective treatment for my concerns however I think it’s time to move on out of the purging phase. We’ll see what she says and I’ll update this ending!

UPDATE 12/6/16:

I got a response from my provider and they want me to continue this treatment (understandably, because I would say the same thing if it were my client because it hasn’t been a whole 3 month treatment period) and I really just wanna say “Guys, I got it! My congestions good 2 go. Keep 2/3 ingredients in there if you wanna be safe but PLS IT’S TIME” But I’m respecting it. However, I start itchin’ at the thought of finding a tretinoin otc from overseas and cancel… But we shall continue….

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