My Story

I got my love from skincare on accident. I wasn’t very good about washing my face when I was a young teenager and I don’t think I even wanted to own a moisturizer. I had awful skin, like so bad when I graduated and looked back at all the photos that were taken I cried. At that point I was even already trying to clear my skin up, I mean honestly I would try things here and there but I felt like nothing worked.

Now I look at it and KNOW why it didn’t work.  That was my next mission in life; to get perfect skin. It sounded a lot easier in my head. I started working at a cosmetic store with very spotty products some were awful for your skin, others were alright. While working there I learned about a lot of ingredients. Not major cosmetic ingredients but natural ones. I also learned the functions of skin and basic skin and hair anatomy. It wasn’t until I met a very knowledgeable esthetician (whom I worked with later on) that I’d dive deeper into skincare. I’ve gone from only washing my face with water to maybe even 15 steps before bed.

But while this was all for personal gain I now have the chance to spread what I’ve learned over the years with people from around the world. It’s pretty cool to be able to say you have clients from China to India, even to people in Australia and the UK. I have a promise of answering questions to the best of my knowledge and to always give unbiased opinions on products, techniques, ideas and anything else that comes my way.

But in the end I’ve learned there is no perfect routine, no perfect products,  and no perfect skin. But I’ll help you decode and choose the right products for your own needs.