[REVIEW] Benton Papaya-D Sun Cream SPF38 / PA+++

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Benton has been hard at work. They’ve recently launched their gorgeous Cacao Moist & Mild Cream and just launched their first sunscreen: Papaya-D Sun Cream. They’re even ramping up to launch their second sunscreen!


But I came out of my hermit shell to tell you what’s up with Papaya-D. First, what’s with the D? It stands for DAILY! As you should be wearing sunscreen whenever you’re outside morning-evening. What’s nice about the SPF38 blend is lighter weight but strong baseline defense for everyday. Not to mention higher than most US sunscreens, including many [most] SPF50s are going to give you a weaker protection than this. Of course if you’re going to the beach you’d want to bring something a little heavier duty along. PA+++ is great as it’s nearly the highest protection we can get against UV(A)ging rays. The rays responsible for accelerated aging, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration. These are also the rays we still have to worry about indoors (unless you don’t have any substantial amount of artificial light on or windows open letting direct sunlight in.) so I like having something like this that’s comfortable to wear while I’m at the office that has a ton of bright HID lights and windows.


I contacted Benton regarding the percentages of each sunscreen they have included in here but they were unwilling to share that information. Here in the US it’s mandatory for the Sunscreen actives to be labeled if they are SPF15+ and broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB. But they were willing to share that the major two sunscreens are Titanium Dioxide and Octinoxate both over 6% concentration. Tinosorb S and Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate are also present to help boost UVA protection.

Besides sunscreen, you can find 55% papaya water as the very first ingredient. Loaded with moisture retaining B vitamins, it plays hand in hand with the added Adenosine and Niacinamide. Papian the protease enzyme found in Papaya is also present to keep dead skin cells from accumulating.


Upon application it does produce a slight white cast. I only get a slight iridescence from the Titanium Dioxide but deeper skin tones may want to look at something with less mineral. The finish is VERY moist. If you dig the dewy look this sunscreen will be your best friend. I do enjoy the finish myself as I have relatively dry skin but the texture wouldn’t be suitable for any prolonged time in the heat. Also warning if you are applying this to any area with hair, such as arms, back of neck, beard, etc. extra rubbing is required to blend.


I love the scent of this sunscreen which is rare! No synthetic fragrance of course, but an intoxicating Lime scent lingers just for a minute before it fades away, leaving no Octinoxate smell.

Overall, I’m ‘alright’ with this sunscreen. It doesn’t ‘wow’ me in any way. It does slightly underperform in application, it’s a nice staple daily sunscreen. Big shoutout to Benton for providing this sunscreen for my honest review

If you want to give this suncream a try, pick it up at Amazon for $20USD.

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