[REVIEW] iUNIK Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream

Betta than your average Beta

Winter is really right around the corner here in the states. Usually it leaves me scrambling for locked away oils and thick occlusive moisturizers. iUNIK gave me a much better option than that.

iUNIK is a fairly…. unique brand. As lousy as that double entendre is, it’s the most accurate way to describe them. They started out as a eBay reseller Unique4u, dominated the relm and decided to create their own product line: iUNIK. Their formulas are based with effective natural ingredients and are focused on safety and restoring skin.

Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture doesn’t skimp on it’s key ingredient. 3,000mg of pure Beta Glucan makes this the key and star ingedient. Often times we see tiny ‘ppm’ amounts or ‘Parts Per Million’ meaning they are REALLY TINY amounts. Ingedients listed with PPM can still be effective however when we’re looking for a moisturizing component, more is more. It comes in tube packaging which is great at keeping germs out and the ingredients from oxidizing. It also has USDA Certified Organic ingredients as well as an extremely clean ingredient list from even the most conservative of standpoints.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.10.27 AM.png

Let’s start from the top. (Or 3rd from the top) The ‘unsafest’ ingriedent in this product is cyclopentasilxoane which is a fancy silicone often used in place of dimethicone. As far as it’s direct link to humans there’s no real damning evidence saying it’s unsafe by any means. It has however been shown to be an endorine disruptor in ‘other’ animals at ‘moderate doses’ 1 ((probably nothing you will ever be exposed to)). I personally like cyclopentasixoane myself, it’s what gives Dr. Jart+ Water Drop and BRTC’s Waterful Sleeping Pack  it’s silky smooth application and weightless drydown.

Beta-Glucan is the first beneficial ingredient on the list. Beta Glucans are a really unique Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Unlike humectants like Hyaluronic Acid or Glycerin that pull moisture from the air, Beta Glucan traps existing moisture like an occlusive. Beta Glucans also help reduce and protect against UV damage topically but have an overwhelming amount of effect internally. It’s even used subcutaneosly for treating skin tumors!

Other extracts contained all have very similar effects. But I like to see Hyaluronic Acid included for gaining moisture, Centella for it’s anti-inflammatory/anti-acne effects. Licorice root is there but literally the last ingredient so don’t count on it too much for it’s super anti-inflammatory effects.

The texture is a cream-like gel (not the other way around) and has no scent or fragrance added to it. It has a slightly moist finish and it’s breathable for the summer but still occlusive enough for layering in the winter.

Thank you to iUNIK for sending this cream for testing purposes. You can find the Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream from their website for $11.99.


note: I'm so sorry my posts have slowed down, I just made a cross country move and had to find a new job, new apartment (basically a new life) but I'm back!

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