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If I did TL:DRs this one would say something along the lines of “stop complaining and let it sit there for 5 minutes. Do your d*mn makeup and admire. But you should rly read to see why.


Here it is in it’s—I’m assuming—Korean packaging.


This magical Jelly Pack was created by Ha Ji-Won, a very famous k drama actress, in collaboration with RE:CIPE, a kbeauty brand that’s pretty well known in Korea. They’ve made some really cool products in the past like their award winning Slowganic Cleanser. (I tried a ‘knock off’ version from Skin79) Ha Ji-Won and a few other Korean celebrities are starting a trend of one step routines.


 This product is all about it’s versatility. You can use it as a morning mask, one and done product in the morning, or sleeping mask. Best part is you can use it after a 50 step routine or use it as a one and done. It works just the same and it’s great.

Loaded with fullerene my latest obsession. What is fullerene? Fullerene is actually super complicated and not used in a lot of skincare but has been shown to be incredibly effective and we see it more and more everyday. Okay, BUT WHAT IS IT? It is a derivative of vitamin C60 specifically for cosmetic use. Now you may ask the question, what is vitamin C60? It has it’s own website by it’s producers:


Some more detail on how it works though: It’s essentially like a super powered free radical sponge that works more effectively than vitamin C. Like 250 times better. The people who produce Fullerene sell it multiple forms! For those of you scratching your head as to what a ‘free radical sponge’ would do, free radicals are what literally age us. They are what oxidizes our skin, groups of atoms that are missing electrons that wanna steal them from our healthy skin. Antioxidants come in and lend an electron to them so they don’t oxidize our healthy skin!


In this Jelly Pack it doesn’t actually say which specific type it contains, but i’m assuming it’s Veil Fullerene due to the launch date of the product, consistency, and it’s intended application.But this makes me really interested in trying other types of Fullerene, especially Moist Fullerene.

Anyways that’s just ONE ingredient. Here are the rest broken down:

Niacinamide(conditioning), Rosa Damascena Flower Water(soothing/hydrating), Rosemary Leaf Water(cooling), Chamomile Flower Water(soothing), Yeast/Fermented black tea extract(loaded w/ B vitamins/conditioning) , Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Nuphar Luteum Flower Extract, Sea Daffodil Flower Extract(inhibits dark spot production), Glycerin(hydrating), Adenosine(conditioning, anti-wrinkle), Hydrolyzed Hylauronic Acid(hydrating)

So this product really is the bee’s knees when it comes to ingredients. But how is it on the skin? Application is tricky and definitely can take some practice.

Suggested use says: “Apply two or three pumps to cleansed skin in an upward and outward sweeping motion, gently patting until absorbed.” But too much sweeping can sometimes ruin it. Best thing to do is go by area (Forehead first, then nose and chin, then left cheek, right cheek. (Like if you have a clarisonic or similar), apply a dab, then sweep across ONCE then take 4 of your fingers and pat away. Pat until theirs no MAJOR shine. (see: third picture below is still incomplete) Then I like to wait a minute, but not too long and apply bb cream or foundation as normal.


I recommend you try it on the back of your hand initially, and then apply foundation to the back of both of your hands and compare. The texture is weird and admittedly uncomfortable at first, but goes away and gives you incredible results, in both skincare, and color. Check the color difference out between the two sides.

Top is with jelly pack, bottom is without.

Product: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey

Pretty huge! Overall I give this product a 8/10. I wish it just wasn’t SO tacky upon application, it’s a bit of a turn off when thinking about applying it. But then I remember how refreshed I feel and how bomb my bb cream looks all day.

You can find it right now in many Sephora locations. If you like it, turn around find it ON AMAZON for ~$22.50 currently. With a printed expiration date for added relief:


I hope you enjoyed this in depth look of a product that’s often hyped but never explained thoroughly.

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