[REVIEW] Benton Papaya-D Sun Cream SPF38 / PA+++

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Benton has been hard at work. They’ve recently launched their gorgeous Cacao Moist & Mild Cream and just launched their first sunscreen: Papaya-D Sun Cream. They’re even ramping up to launch their second sunscreen!


But I came out of my hermit shell to tell you what’s up with Papaya-D. First, what’s with the D? It stands for DAILY! As you should be wearing sunscreen whenever you’re outside morning-evening. What’s nice about the SPF38 blend is lighter weight but strong baseline defense for everyday. Not to mention higher than most US sunscreens, including many [most] SPF50s are going to give you a weaker protection than this. Of course if you’re going to the beach you’d want to bring something a little heavier duty along. PA+++ is great as it’s nearly the highest protection we can get against UV(A)ging rays. The rays responsible for accelerated aging, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration. These are also the rays we still have to worry about indoors (unless you don’t have any substantial amount of artificial light on or windows open letting direct sunlight in.) so I like having something like this that’s comfortable to wear while I’m at the office that has a ton of bright HID lights and windows.


I contacted Benton regarding the percentages of each sunscreen they have included in here but they were unwilling to share that information. Here in the US it’s mandatory for the Sunscreen actives to be labeled if they are SPF15+ and broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB. But they were willing to share that the major two sunscreens are Titanium Dioxide and Octinoxate both over 6% concentration. Tinosorb S and Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate are also present to help boost UVA protection.

Besides sunscreen, you can find 55% papaya water as the very first ingredient. Loaded with moisture retaining B vitamins, it plays hand in hand with the added Adenosine and Niacinamide. Papian the protease enzyme found in Papaya is also present to keep dead skin cells from accumulating.


Upon application it does produce a slight white cast. I only get a slight iridescence from the Titanium Dioxide but deeper skin tones may want to look at something with less mineral. The finish is VERY moist. If you dig the dewy look this sunscreen will be your best friend. I do enjoy the finish myself as I have relatively dry skin but the texture wouldn’t be suitable for any prolonged time in the heat. Also warning if you are applying this to any area with hair, such as arms, back of neck, beard, etc. extra rubbing is required to blend.


I love the scent of this sunscreen which is rare! No synthetic fragrance of course, but an intoxicating Lime scent lingers just for a minute before it fades away, leaving no Octinoxate smell.

Overall, I’m ‘alright’ with this sunscreen. It doesn’t ‘wow’ me in any way. It does slightly underperform in application, it’s a nice staple daily sunscreen. Big shoutout to Benton for providing this sunscreen for my honest review

If you want to give this suncream a try, pick it up at Amazon for $20USD.

[REVIEW] Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Cream

Oh have I been busy, my apologies for the sporadic posting. It should mellow out very soon..


My night time moisture can be a hard thing to get right in the summer. Compared to my skin during the winter, it’s a lot less forgiving. It can feel suffocated if I use something too heavy. Benton was kind enough so send me their newest moisturizer Cacao based moisturizer designed for this exact problem (or at least that’s all I could think of when I read about it) free for my honest review. It took some warming up to but it’s a keeper for sure.

Benton has become a long time favorite of mine. They’ve inspired the creation of this blog even, some of my earliest (and most viewed) posts are Benton products. They’ve changed the beauty industry internationally by contributing to setting a new standard of skincare. Cleaner, safer, affordable, effective products. Benton however continues to amaze me with things like USDA Organic labels, Snail and bee products that are cruelty free certified. If they are as true as they appear, they’re one of the best (of the best).



Cacao Mild and Moist aims at providing the ideal balance of oil:water. It’s based with a whopping 63% Cacao Extract. Moisturizing, softening and an antioxidant powerhouse, Cacao Extract makes a fine first ingredient. Unlike the butter, the extract is a so To provide lipid based moisture you’ll find 10% Cacao Seed Butter, sorbitan olivate, and beta-glucans. To provide humectant based hydration, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are used. I also want to note two other ingredients I am all about. First is Polygutamic Acid, a polypeptide penetration enhancer derived from Natto! While being ‘officially’ labelled as a film forming agent it has a lot of great benefits! While being lightly exfoliating, PGA also helps your skin’s own natural moisture production. Madecassoside is the other, a derivative from Centella. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-acne ingredient, making this friendly for even those who suffer from breakouts. Actually, this whole ingredient list is pretty acne friendly. Cacao Seed Butter gets a bad wrap and rates a 4/5 on the comedogenicity scale. However at only 10% without major film formers I would still feel very safe recommending this to the old acne ridden me.


Moist is a really accurate word to describe the finish of this moisturizer. If you like the feeling of gel moisturizer you’ll like this. Once you dispense it, the product immediately starts melting onto your skin. No matter how much you use, it feels like it all absorbs. But a little goes a long way. It’s strong humectant base and just ‘touch’ of lipid is really the perfect bet for summer.


You also may be shocked (good or bad), when you find out this cream is unscented! No chocolate scent, but that’s quite alright. Benton is great at removing fragrance and keeping their products free of any added scent too.

Interested in trying it out? Find it on Amazon for $16USD.

REVIEW: Benton Bestsellers MEMEBOX Set


Price: $15!! (Due to the market this price fluxuates, I had a client try to purchase the set while being sold out it also said the price was now $17, still not bad at all)  Benton has now had a price increase on the Snail Bee products in most online resellers incl their online store launching w/ retail prices. So these products of this update (Oct 14 2016) are listed w/ the products title below. CrystalCoveBeauty.com is a reseller however who has it listed closer to the old pricing at $13.50 

Everything is full size, and everything is great.

Snail Bee High Content Essence ($20)


This is my bby Snail Bee High Content Essence, I’ve used this product for about 6 months now and I can’t get enough. My skincare routine isn’t complete without it. It leaves an incredibly fresh sensation which I love. 

Ingredients wise, It’s jam packed full of ingredients while literally every single one is fantastic in its own way, but the two key ingredients are Snail Secretion and Bee Venom. The purpose of this line is to help heal any texture, underlying damage, hydrate, fight acne, then to top it off help brighten. 

Now the ingredients backing up those claims:

Texture/Damage: Snail Secretion, Oligopeptides, Willow Bark (natural form of BHA [Drano for your pores]) Bacillus Ferment (enzymatic exfoliation)

Acne: Snail Secretion, Bee Venom!, Willow Bark

Hydration: Snail Secretion, Oligopeptides, Aloe, Glycerin 

Brightening: Adenosine, Panthenol, Arbutin, Bacillus Ferment

From someone who’s as picky about skincare as I am, the person who rarely repurchases products, I will always always always have this in my cabinet.

Snail Bee High Content Lotion ($20) 


The Snail Bee High Content Lotion is a new product for me. I actually really haven’t decided where/if I want it in my routine. The size of this is staggering, if you’re used to overpriced $100 1.7oz moisturizers. This is a whopping FIVE (5) F-I-V-E OZ. 

Now the ingredient content has quite a few repeat ingredients. If you read my essence masterpost we know this product being called ‘lotion’ is about as helpful as when clients tell me they’re looking for a “good cream” without providing ANY other details. This lotion is very close to an Emulsion. Shiseido is a brand we see a LOT of these. Essentially a very liquidy but still moisturizing product. A few ingredients to note that are different in here are: Hyaluronic Acid (while Snail Secretion naturally contains this) and Niacinamide (effective B-Vitamin that’s anti-wrinkle and brightening.) In the Benton line this is to be used under their Steam Cream which is a thicker cream. I too like to use it this way, either with Steam Cream (I LOVE it) or with another moisturizer, it is an extra step for most but in a lengthy routine (skip steps you don’t follow) this would be used as following

Cleanser(s) – Toner – Actives – First Treatment Essence – Essence – Serum – Lotion/Emulsion – Moisturizer – Sunscreen/Sleep Mask

Honest TT Mist ($11)


It’s a tube spray! Very eco friendly I love it. Very simple product, a light spray you can use anytime, anywhere to help kill bacteria and hydrate, it can help reset makeup or is a great refresher if you’re feelin’ a little dry or tired. Key ingredients are tea tree and hyaluronic acid.