[REVIEW] DECIEM NIOD Sanskrit Saponins


DECIEM makes some of the most unique, game changing products.  Hell, if I could have created a brand I would have wanted it to be pretty similar to them.  Effective percentages of active ingredients. Selling products at a reasonable price compared to what it costs to make them. Being honest and transparent. Not spending money on excessive packaging. I wouldn’t bash other companies, but nonetheless they are producing some solid products inside and out. It’s where I would have dreamed to work in retail!

NOID is a brand under DECIEM’s umbrella. You have the Ordinary on their low end, that makes familiar sounding products with universal, solid highly effective active ingredients. I reviewed their Hyaluronic + b5 Serum earlier! NOID sits on the tippy top of their skincare. It stands for Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science. While most options in this obtusely named brand feature loads of peptide science or every weight of Hyaluronic Acid imaginable; Sanskrit Saponins is a part of their yešti collection that pays homage to traditional, raw skincare.

It’s not Sulfates, it’s Saponins

Sanskrit Saponins is a cleansing product, but not a soap, not an oil cleanser, not a face wash. It doesn’t have a familiar lather or oil to milk emulsification, instead it just kinda waters down when applied to wet skin with wet hands as instructed. If you’re wearing makeup make sure to use a cleansing oil first as this does not remove makeup.

The cleansing ingredients in this product aren’t really apparent from the INCI list. But it’s because go by ambiguous ‘extracts’. Such as Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract, which is also known as ‘Indian Soapberry’ (pretty good indicator of a cleansing ingredient). It’s a brown paste that has a pretty strong yeast smell, not really that pleasant no matter how you spin it.

But what is a saponin? Saponins were ‘soap’ before ‘soap’ was sulfates or sulfate-free alternative surfactants or detergents we see today. Saponins, just like sulfates are fat soluble ingredients that when mixed with water can be removed. Meaning it mixes with our sebum, skin debris, etc lifting it into the solution and then washes away with water.

Like a gentle ‘detox’ mask.

After rinsing off Sanskrit Saponins I feel purified. My nose sebaceous buildup is usually gone, my skin feels softened and CLEAN. Not dehydrated, or robbed of moisture. I do however feel very ‘vulnerable’ and immediately follow with toner, which soaks up instantly and the rest of my hydrating arsenal. But I do really love using this product 2x a week at least, sometimes i’ll throw in a extra if i’ve been outside a lot. But it’s like a gentle clay mask with no wait time. Rinse and go.

Overall I thought I wasn’t going to care too much for this product but I ended up really loving it! It sucks for my wallet however, I got this on their black friday sale for $9USD but the regular price is $50USD! But this tube will last me quite some time.

Update: Feb 14th 2018


Until he is either removed, steps down, or takes a big glass of pride and a heavy dose of genuine empathy I don’t see myself purchasing DECIEM products again. I had 2 The Ordinary reviews that I will not be posting. The products are also going in the trash. This and my other Deciem review will stay up but have this disclaimer tagged to them.

For more information please check this post out

‘Why are People Burning the Ordinary’s Products’

‘Why is this Skincare Founder Going Rogue?’

I like to consider myself friends with the other bloggers who were mentioned in this story, @skintrovert and @ms_hannah_e and @gunshotwounds. I’ve had long conversations with all 3 about the CEOs latest actions and the saddest part is, all of us wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. At least at one point we all defended him. But the gross racism, ex-employee allegations, and the fact most products are direct ingredients repackaged, maybe with a solvent or two is why I cannot continue to support.  Whether he may be mentally ill or disconnected from reality.

Update: Feb 24th 2018

It continues..

Inside the Deciem Firings and Resignations 

(oh yeah he’s fired his co-CEO and his CFO resigned)

[REVIEW] Skin79 Yum Yum Cleanser: Adlay

Yes that’s really the name of this cleanser.

Yum. Yum.

This cleanser is Skin79′s take on the ever popular Slowganic cleansers by RE:CIPE.

In the flavor Adlay. Or more commonly referred to as Job’s Tears, or simply Coix. Adlay has been used for centuries as a natural remedy all of the world. For anything from skin ailments, to menstrual cramps, to even cancer in the liver Job’s Tears has shown some signs of improvement in one study or another.


But what does it do on the skin? Well, Albion answers that question better than I can, they formulate their Essential Skin Conditioner with adlay as well, but utilize it much more for it’s actual skin benefits.



So we see it helps regulate our skin cell synthesis. Cool! It’s based with 66% Seed Water, specifically from the Bong-hwa area. The 6 types of plant extracts, and 15 types of plant oil really just give it a scent more than an actual effect on the skin. Because it’s just a cleanser, on to the more important things.


The cleanser’s consistency is so unique. I’ve also never tried a unique cleanser consistency that i’ve really enjoyed more than regular liquid/cream to foam. It’s almost like a mousse; it has nice spreadability and it lathers beautifully, especially for a cleanser with a pH of only 5.


Having such a low pH is great. It means we aren’t stripping our natural lipid barrier, and keeping our skin around it’s natural acidic state. But the reason we don’t see every cleanser with a pH of 5 like this, is because often times the cleanser won’t lather very well unless it was a bit more stripping. You can find this with soapless cleansers, or very acidic sulfate washes like Tosowoong’s Enzyme Wash (review)


When washing the mousse, foam, whatever lathers up really well. You can feel a couple pieces of the crush adlay as well. They’re too far and few in between to provide any amount of exfoliation. When washed off, I can’t say my skin feels tight, because it doesn’t. But it also feels a bit drier than if I used my Skin Laundry Foaming Wash that’s a pH of 7. What gives?! Even though it’s less stripping, it can be cleansing better. There could be more cleansing agent. It also doesn’t have oodles of B-vitamins or other things to help the skin maintain moisture better. There are a lot of factors as to why. But it really doesn’t bother me, like it makes people toss this product. I feel like my skin is perfectly prepped for a long, nice skincare routine.


The scent is really relaxing and it’s a way more fun cleansing experience than dabbing some gel into your hands. But with that being said, often times when I’m fidgeting with the jar trying to get it open I am wishing I was just globbing some gel into my palms.


I found this cleanser at Marshalls for <$10! You can find it online for anywhere from $7-$23. It does come with an expiration date printed on the bottom of both the box and package so no need to worry about picking up an old one!

[COMPARISON] HEIMISH All Clean Balm vs Banila Co. Clean It Zero! Classic Cleansing Balm

Two ‘cult favorites’. Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero! Cleansing Balm in Classic flavor is arguably the best selling cleaning balm there is. Amongst beauty accounts, it’s by far the one I see the most. Then Heimish’s All Clean Balm, while being slightly lesser known, has only brought good reviews to my eyes.


Over the past year or so brands such as CosRx, Benton, NEOGEN, and Missha have all blown up into big boy brand status. When I was handing samples of Snail Bee Essence to clients and they had only a few retailers they could buy it from. Now I can send them to FOREVER 21 to pick a bottle up. Banila Co. Clean It Zero is a cleansing balm I’ve seen since I’ve first laid eyes on Asian Beauty products.


Banilla co. Clean It Zeroimage

(yeah this jar has seen hell)

Clean It Zero Classic features a very heavy fruity/generic fragrance. My jar came with a solid top and emollient bottom so I had to stir it together before using it. When stirred, it actually isn’t so much of a balm as it is a gel cream. Key ingredients include Vitamin C and Papaya however realistically they aren’t doing anything. Neither are the extracts listed lower down.

The first ingredient is Mineral Oil. Are you screaming in rage? If you are, well stop it. Mineral Oil often gets a bad wrap from greenwash blogs, it’s sad bc Mineral Oil doesn’t do nothin’ to nobody! Maybe not quite, like every ingredient your mileage may vary. But 9.5/10 times we steer away from it for no good reason other than we think it’s clogging our pores. Mineral Oil is an occlusive that helps prevent transepidermal water loss when applied and left on our skin. It’s comedogenicity rating is between a 1-3/5. It relies HEAVILY on the type of mineral oil too. The mineral oil viscosity of this CLEANSER will be much different than that of a well formulated MOISTURIZER that contains the same ingredient. I personally do not use moisturizers with mineral oil in them, It’s definitely not the most cosmetically elegant ingredient.


In this case, mineral oil makes a kick ass deep oil cleanser. In general, it’s such a deep cleansing oil cleanser, it doesn’t come off with just water. LIKE IT’S REALLY HARD TO REMOVE THIS WITH JUST WATER. IT IS NOT A ONE STEP OPTIONAL CLEANSE. IM SERIOUS. The positives of this: Take the day OFFFF. Sunscreen, dirt, sebum, makeup, pollutants everything is getting trapped in this cleansing balm once it’s rubbed in. But you’re in a committed relationship once it hits skin. Make sure to get your foaming cleanser to remove the remnants. You don’t need anything strong or stripping. But you’ll want some sort of water based cleanser handy.


Wiped clean and I still have some shine

What’s the deal? My best guess because I didn’t formulate this product is that there is SO MUCH Mineral oil and Cetyl Ethylhexanoate (a fatty alcohol mixture) and not enough of those PEG emulsifying agents. So this guy for me is not a favorite. Or a repurchase. I never need this much cleansing power. Realistically no one does unless you’re wearing a F U L L face of makeup everyday. Lashes and 24h foundation included. But then again most other oil balm cleansers can remove things just as well, residue or not.

Can I say it’s ‘bad’? No. Is it good? Eh. Is it practical? No.

Heimish All Clean Balm

imageHeimish All Clean Balm is fairly newer. It hasn’t been out since the dawn of the kbeauty invasion. I recently got this on a whim during a stylekorean.com sale. (A great place to do bulk or sale shopping!) Nothing was drawing me towards it other than it was $4.99 [Regular price: ~$18USD]

All Clean Balm is free of parabens, fragrance, and pigment. They state it as ‘Hypoallergenic’ which nothing but a marketing term. It does not mean the product is less likely to cause irritation than the next. Why? The FDA doesn’t have a standard for it. So if you’re sensitive to any of the many essential oils that are listed in the product you should stay away.

I hate jar packaging so much. I could make an entire post on why I hate jar packaging because there’s different reasons for different products. Heimish has solved all my issues with cleansing balms being put into jars. (I mean what else can you put a balm into, it just suuuuucks)




As you melt the balm into your skin you immediately notice the aroma of essential oils. It’s actually quite a nice scent but is overwhelmingly ‘lavender-y’. It spreads easily and doesn’t need any time to warm up and melt.


It emulsifies beautifully. I mean like, second to Tatcha One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser. Still not quite as milky. She’s still #1, but she’s also $48. Ingredients wise, there really aren’t any benefits. It’s based with Ethylhexyl Palmitate and Cetyl Ethylhexanoate instead of Banila’s Mineral Oil and Cetyl E. The PEG’s (what helps emulsify these balms) that are listed are also different. The combination of these two results in better emulsification and there’s nothing left behind. No dirt, no balm. Just clean skin. I’ve actually been liking this so much i’ve been using this as a morning cleanse alternative to a light pH balanced cleanser or miceller water when I have more time.


Fresh, no shine

I’m blown away by the Heimish balm. It’s a cost effective alternative to the cost annoying Tatcha Cleansing Oil. I can use it day or night, with or without a second cleanse. I like the options. For me, Clean It Zero doesn’t have a place in my stash but it could have a spot in yours.

Find them here:

Heimish All Clean Balm (Cleansing Balm 120ml) $17.50
Banila Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser $15.00

Clarisonic vs Foreo: an Unbiased and Thorough Comparison

Lets just start with setting the background of my experiences of both:

I have owned a Clarisonic Mia 2 for over 5 years! I have owned a Foreo Luna Normal/Sensitive for a little over a year now.

I get asked at least on a weekly basis, which is ‘better’ Clarisonic or Foreo? Some people ask me coming from bad Clarisonic experiences if the Foreo is better. Some people ask me coming into the cleansing tool realm which one to get. Others just ask because they want to see if they should switch from one to the other.

But in reality, neither of them are better. Each of them have their own pros and cons when you’re comparing them. Since I have both, I use both! There’s obviously a lot they both do the same, but each has certain things it either does better, that are more customizable, or just slightly different from each other.

Let’s start with the Clarisonic. Now right off the bat there are some big(ger) differences between devices across the range. The retail range currently is: the Mia 1, 2, and Smart Profile and then also their new ‘Fit’ device.

Mia 1 has just a single ‘speed’ that is called ‘Universal’ it’s designed to work across most skin types.

Mia 2 also has the Universal speed, but also has a ‘Delicate’ speed which oscillates slower for a more gentle cleanse.

Smart Profile has a total of 4 speeds. The two from the Mia two as well as a ‘Makeup Removal’ speed that was also on the Mia 3 when it was sold, and a higher brush speed as well as a ‘TURBO’ button. The best way to describe that is it’s like the cold shot button on your blow dryer. There’s a few ‘smart’ features that allow the brush head to switch speeds when it comes time to delicate area cleansing. This is also the only clarisonic that can use the body and pedi brush heads as well.

Last, and newest is the Fit which offers two cleansing ‘settings’ and when I questioned a clarisonic representative on the difference I was told the settings are kind of a mesh in between the speeds so they are just called the ‘Delicate’ and ‘PowerCleanse’ settings.

I am comparing from a Mia 2, which I got back in 2012, that one my sister currently has but it’s still working! When I bought it, it was $129 they’ve since bumped the price (twice) to $169.


One point I like to note about Clarisonic devices is their patents. There are a few patents that really set them apart. These brush heads are a lot different than the 360 rotating devices you see from other brands. Those are essentially destructive to skin. No matter how much your friend who gets $10 when they refer you to buy one tries to convince you they are not, they are. Even Clarisonics can be destructive if used improperly (i.e applying pressure when cleansing, using too harsh of a brush head) A big note Clarisonic wants you to know about their devices is they are not exfoliating. “They remove the daily buildup of excess skin cells” I mean it sounds legit but that also sounds kinda like exfoliating to me, boss. While I think it’s important to note that is may still be potentially exfoliating, if used properly it’s safe for 1-2x daily use. As there are many safe gentle daily exfoliators out there!

Brush heads also make a huge difference. I have had a few people tell me they’ve used a clarisonic in the past and still have it, but stopped using it because it’s exfoliating or because it got irritating after awhile but fall in love with it again because they switch to a brush head more suitable for their skin type. The brush heads listed from most gentle, to least: Cashmere (like obv not exfoliating), Radiance, Acne, Delicate, Sensitive, Alpha, Deep Pore. Most people with acne or oily skin immediately dive for the deep pore brush. I admit, guilty of this in 2012 and have either some short lived success, moderate success, or irritated skin. But the acne brush head is called that for a reason. It’s designed to not irritate inflamed breakouts as well as still provide slightly more resistance than the radiance brush head which is the most gentle regular bristled brush. Which on that note, go Clarisonic for now shipping devices with the radiance brush head as standard! I’ve always thought they should start people with a softer brush head than they were because the Normal, now known as Alpha, is pretty aggressive in my opinion.

The brush heads are one major point I like (but also hate) about my clarisonic. I can change my brush head to my needs. I have a sensitive brush head and a radiance brush head, I use my radiance brush head for regular daily cleansing, but if I want to bump it up some I find the sensitive brush head to be perfect. However, Clarisonic recommends replacing your brush head every 3 months. They say this isn’t for sanitary purposes, that if you thoroughly clean your brush head properly that every 3 months the bristles will be worn down and need replacing. This is a lot more apparent in the softer bristled brushes. They can even form knots deeper in the brush head and cause the patented motion of the bristles; flexing of the pore/flushing with fluids to decrease in efficacy. So this means I gotta shell out either $27 for a single or $44 for a twin pack.


radiance brush head


(Sensitive brush head, this actually has more uses on it than the radiance! But the stiffer bristles hold up better. ) Battery life isn’t great however. You get just over 20 minutes of sonic cleansing before your device will need a very long recharge. Also, it requires a specific break in charging period to make sure the battery will work/last. This really sucks.

Now let’s talk about the Foreo Luna. Coming from a swedish design this thing is spunky looking. Instead of having a brush head. Foreo uses what is known as silicone touch points. Depending on which device you buy, these touch points will have a different shape, size and thickness. Some have alternating bristle patterns as well. Mine is the Normal/Sensitive type.


Since it has the silicone tips instead of bristles they virtually never have to be replaced, but this also restricts you to the one brush type. But for many people with clarisonic’s, they prefer only one brush type.


One cool thing about the Foreo devices is how many uses you can get out of a single charge. Over 450 cleansing and anti aging routines on a single charge is incredible. Also no break in period for your device. win/win

Foreo’s cleansing results are a bit different than the clarisonic’s in my opinion. While Foreo Luna’s have an ‘anti-aging’ mode that utilizes the back’s design to act as a firming facial massage. The same effect is supposedly the same when cleansing with a clarisonic brush. You hold the Luna device on areas of concern such as elevens and crows feet until the timer tells you to move on with a few pulses. It’s actual cleansing speeds are broken up into 8 speeds! Not saying these speeds are anymore gentle or more aggressive than the clarisonic’s 4. It’s nice to have a smoother grade right?


One interesting note is, Foreo, whose device is definitely easier on the skin comparing to the Clarisonic with really any brush head except the most gentle few, states their device is exfoliating! Probably because they remove dead skin cells with the silicone tips/therefore exfoliating! Yes, it’s very very gentle exfoliating, some wouldn’t consider such as exfoliating just by feel, but it is!


The tips of the foreo are relatively short (they have made them 20% longer in the Luna 2!) so they don’t provide as much movement as the bristles do. Nor are they oscillating rapidly like the Clarisonic brush head. Getting soaps to lather effectively can be slightly more difficult, but also you aren’t replacing that head in 3 months. (But you also lose the option of customized cleansing)

Lastly, let’s talk about cleansing of the two. For comparison purposes I’ll be using the same two cleansers on each. One will be an easy foaming cleanser. The other will be sulfate free/pH balanced/ difficult to get a nice lather going.


We are starting with Tony Moly x Pokemon Pikachu Moisture Foaming Cleanser. This is a high foaming wash. You want to dispense a pea size amount of cleanser onto the foreo or by doting across the face. The Clarisonic brush has a convenient reservoir for you to dollop the cleanser into.


Great lather from the Luna.


Oodles of it from the Mia 2.

Then we have Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Wash for our second test cleanser. This is a sulfate free, pH balanced gentle cleanser so we can expect lather to be more difficult to produce.


*Mouthfart* the Luna’s bristles don’t do a great job at lathering this up. The Luna 2 in my expierence does do better, the tips are 20% longer, but still nothing like a brush. As we can see with how well the Mia 2 did with lathering up:


I think by now I may have gotten the point across there is no one superior device. But some things people may prefer in one over the other. So ultimately, I prefer the value of the Luna but overall prefer ease of the cleanse and brush head customization from the Mia 2.

If you found this post helpful in your cleansing tool search, consider purchasing your device through one of my affiliate links!

Clarisonic Mia 1

Clarisonic Mia 2 

Clarisonic Fit

Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna 2 

Happy Bath Body Wash Showdown: Lessons in pH

Happy Bath is a brand under the king AmorePacific umbrella of brands. It’s their take of a simplistic and fun bath and body brand. Over the past 6 months I’ve been using exclusively Happy Bath soaps. You may have read my post of their beer soap which is still one of my favorites but today I’m here to talk about two of their core products!


They may look similar but they are C O M P L E T E L Y different washes!


Have you ever used a foaming cleanser that when mixed with water it gives you a lather that just. wont. quit? (Some examples I’ve used are: any Shiseido foaming cleanser, Nature Republic Fresh Herb foaming cleansers, CosRx Salicylic Exfoliating Cleanser.) Happy Bath’s Perfect Soap is essentially this style face wash for your body. This style of body wash is known by a few different names: whip soap, perfect whip, marshmallow soap, marshmallow whip, the list goes on. But the texture is like a marshmallow, soft and creamy. Also like a marshmallow though, these soaps aren’t the best idea for frequent use (or consumption)


The pH of these have a tendency to be on higher side, if the pH was lower we probably wouldn’t get all this cool looking whip. This is the key difference of this cleanser. It’s cleansing power! pH is a key note because it’s higher pH it’s going to be tougher on grease buildup and oils. Our skin generally sits at about 5.5 This cleanser is relatively (but not chronically!) alkaline at a pH of ~8.


But this means we are also stripping more of our natural moisture. I actually conditionally love this part about it, I ‘whip’ this soap out when I’m feeling extra grimy. (sorry) But truly, I love this stuff. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but if you need that deeper clean or just like that ‘clean’ feeling. Extracts to note are Soapwort. It gives it a great clean/fresh laundry scent and is actually one of the original plants saponins were extracted from! It’s pretty cool, you can take soapwort leaves, stems and roots and let them soak in water and you whala! you have a mild household cleanser. Lather and everything. Side note: it really does pair well with the 24H Shea Moisture body lotion.


Then we got this dude. Happy Bath Relaxing Lavender Body Wash. This is a different vibe than the perfect soap. This body wash uses a combo of Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS) along with Cocamidopropyl Betaine. These ingredients shed light on Happy Bath still being a lower priced brand. While being much more gentle than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate these aren’t the most ideal ingredients. I am not an anti SLS person, I am an anti-high-pH person.


Meaning I care more about the stripping power of the cleanser, not the deemed safe ingredients. Which is why the Perfect Soap leaves my skin feeling drier and stripped compared to this lil guy. Infused with lavender and rose it leaves you and your bathroom smelling like lavender fields for hours.

Perfect Soap – High Foam – High pH ~8 

Body Wash – Low Bubble – Low(er) pH 6

(neutral pH is 7, skin is 4.5~5.5)

[REVIEW] HUANGJISOO Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser: Anti-Trouble


I love cleansers, I really can’t get enough of them because there’s usually something about them that makes it unique. Huangjisoo’s new daily foaming cleanser is no exception to this obsession.

Huangjisoo has been the hardest brand to find information on, like ever. They are owned by a parent company called New Feel (my cleanser was shipped from them as well) but I believe this brand has actually been around one time before but in 2017 they’re making a strong (and fabulous) comeback.

Let me explain, I found some posts on resale websites of products with the same name and very similar writing style on the package. These products were definitely more of a hanbang type product while the new, chic Huangjisoo is more mainstream.


Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser comes in 5 different types: Anti-Trouble with Chamomile, Anti-Aging/Anti-Pollution with Omija, Deep Cleaning with Peppermint, Moisturizing with Oatmeal, and last but not least, Whitening&Brightening with Green Tea

I got to try the anti-trouble version thanks to 0.8L and Huangjisoo for my honest opinion. Lil do they know they get a full review of the product here as well as my IG post 😉 My first impression of this cleanser was actually made before I even got to try it out. Before I read anything or google translated any characters I spotted the English ingredient list. Which by the way, only contains ingredients that rate <2 on the EWG scale for safety. This is incredible, I have never seen a brand take a stance this strong. Even brands like CosRx will have ingredients that spike at a 3 or 4 (though not often).

Here’s the list:



Ya’ll catch that 2nd ingredient? It’s a crazy powerful humectant (like glycerin or hyaluronic acid) which helps the skin preserve and gain hydration. The 3rd ingredient Sodium Cocoyl is actually one of my favorite cleaning agents, it’s considered to be one of the most gentle (arguably the most gentle a water based cleansing agent gets) on our skin’s natural barrier functions. This is amazing! However comes with a catch, being so gentle it doesn’t make the best makeup removing wash. But it fits in perfectly in the morning or as a gentle second cleanse at night.


I also like the harmonious blend of ingredients they use. For instance Mung Bean is a great detoxifying ingredients alongside the antibacterial effect of rosemary, the soothing effects of centella and chamomile wrap this up into a badass cleanser. Honestly every ingredient in here has a purpose and a clear idea of the effect in mind as well.

I’ve been really enjoying this cleanser and recommend you check them out. Their products are definitely of a higher quality than many of the popular Korean skincare brands out there and you can tell from the first pump until you rinse clean to a dewy fresh face. I also noticed when washing it still made some bubble when rubbing water in. Unlike some self pump natural cleansers I have used! So I give this guy a 9/10 I really want to try their body washes after I use up the huge things of happy bath I just got. (Reviews of them soon)

[REVIEW] Fresh Soy Face Cleansing Milk

The Cleanser Authority Returnsimage

Before I talk about this new cleansing milk I wanted to give the Seaberry Cleansing Oil a shoutout. MUAs already have their favorite cleansing oils, and let’s face it, this is a slightly expensive albeit, luxurious cleansing oil based with grape seed oil. It’s not very popular but it’s a goodie. I love natural oil based cleansing oils because they’re multitasking! Mineral Oil makes for a good cleansing oil when followed with a water based cleanser. But natural oils leave the skin soft and moisturized and in this case protected and nourished as well.

But onto the new goodness…


What it is: Versatile cleansing milk that can be used as a one step softening cleanse or as a makeup removing cleanse before a water based (Foaming) cleanser. Rich in soy amino acids to help support and protect collagen and elastin.

What I like about it: So, Fresh has a signature cucumber scent most people love. I do love it myself, every time I smell Soy Face Cleanser it brings a smile to my face. This cucumber scent is present, however it smells like the sunomono (japanese pickled cucumbers) my grandma would make for dinner with katsudon NGL. But I love it oddly enough. A nice change from the regular ‘cucumber’. I also love how ******* soft my skin is after cleansing with it. I’ve tried this in the morning with no double cleanse a few times now and I’m always so shocked with how soft my skin is left afterwards.

(Brow Wiz in Taupe being removed by Seaberry Oil (left) and Soy Face Milk (right) 

What I don’t like about it: It’s makeup removing power isn’t quite as strong as I would hope for. This formula’s consistency really reminded me of the discontinued Soy Face Eye Makeup Remover (and I feel like this is SFEMR 2.0) but it didn’t seem to REALLY break down those heavy pigments quite as quickly. It still thoroughly removed but required more emulsifying than the oil did in comparison. But I feel like this is part of the trade off for having a milk vs oil. It’s easier to use but just ever so slightly less cleansing.

I give it a 7/10 my favorite cleansing milk to date, but I wish it broke down makeup with a little less work.

[REVIEW] TONY MOLY x POKEMON Foaming Cleansers

I impatiently waited for these to ship from Korea and I’ve now FINALLY used them enough to make a decent review on them. If I had an expendable budget I would have gotten all of them, but today we have:

Pikachu Moisture Foaming Cleanser

What about it: This is a more simple foaming cleanser designed to try to maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels. The description on the back states: 

“This moisture foam cleanser effectively removes impurities from skin with moisturizing foam containing olive leaf extract” 

and that’s pretty much it! If you have very dry skin I would not recommend this cleanser. Unfortunately the pH of the cleanser is still relatively stripping. But in comparison to the Pore cleanser it leaves the skin soft and just lightly moisturized still. The scent is described as ‘vanilla’ and it 100% in all honesty doesn’t even slightly smell like vanilla. It doesn’t foam as well as some other cleansers actually and it doesn’t really foam much more when rubbing it either. I’ve used it a few times with my clarisonic and it does foam up much more!

Overall I give it a 6/10 and most of these points are for it being Pikachu.

Bulbasaur Pore Foaming Cleanser

What about it: Now this guy actually is using two key ingredients, Albumin and Purslane! Albumn is a protein from egg white and is said it helps tighten pores and condition skin while Purslane (portulaca oleracea) is very soothing and helps skin retain moisture. This cleanser scent is described as ‘green tea’ while I can kinda get a green tea scent from it, it smells like a new hotel lobby… Idk… like really specifically if you’ve ever been to an ‘Aloft’ hotel. That’s what it smells like. You’re welcome. 

Overall it gets a 6/10 too, these cleansers are more alike than they are different. But you can definitely feel a difference which I appreciate. When it comes to some brand’s cleansers (shiseido is the first that comes to mind) their cleansers all feel exactly the same no matter what type of skin it’s for and ya know, that’s a little concerning. 

Would I recommend them to a friend? I wouldn’t tell them to go out of their way for it, but if you have a itch for pokemon products, they are definitely not bad choices!

[REVIEW] Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

Enzyme Cleansing Perfectedimage

Before I get into it can we just appreciate the english description “Real effect cleansing powder for keeping your healthy skin in the best condition” Like thanks for words that mean nothing. However the product speaks volumes about itself even if the english doesn’t. This is by far the best enzyme powder wash I’ve used. There’s some relatively similar to this one, from another very big Korean brand that you can get in the states for a cool $60 (Amore Pacific Enzyme Treatment Peel)  or another version from a Japanese inspired American brand (Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder) for $65 none of these really compare to my beloved Tosowoong.

What about it:  Enzymatic exfoliators are awesome. They help shed dead skin by eating it away. How do enzymes ‘eat away dead skin’ though? A question I get about 9/10 times I talk about these with clients. “Enzymes are proteins folded into complex shapes that allow smaller molecules to fit into them. The place where these substrate molecules fit is called the active site.” -bbc.co.uk these smaller molecules being dead skin! If you’re looking to smooth out texture this is a great gentle way to do so omitting any harsh physical or chemical exfoliants.

What I don’t like about it: hard to rinse completely off without being in the shower (not a deal breaker for me) it is very concentrated so if you feel similar try using less! I’m still playing around with how much myself. Also takes some time to work into a lather. Comparing to above enzyme powders which later immediately, this takes some work to break down every last piece.


What I like about it: 5.5 pH balance, I’m not dry or stripped after cleansing. It helps exfoliate without totally skewing your skin’s natural synergy like a traditional peel might. (For people concerned about it containing SLS, the product is pH balanced still. Meaning there are hundreds of cleanser that are more aggressive that will advertise it’s gentle because it’s ‘sulfate-free’ when in reality the pH actually tells us how stripping this will be to our acid mantle and fortunately, it isn’t at all.) The smell, like old lady products but it doesn’t smell as strong in lather as it does inside the bottle. Lastly the price. Solid flakes of soap and enzymes shouldn’t ever cost $60 so that’s why Tosowoong, you earned another spot in my medicine cabinet.

If you wanna check it out:

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash ~$9

Fact: Boozy Suds clean better

I actually gave up sleep to open this package up and give it a smell and test. After finally taking a couple showers with it I feel like I can give it a fair review. Granted this isn’t an extended test like I generally do on products for face. 


Now it’s actually super pale but it’s on a dark background. But the color shaken up looks like you poured WAY too much milk in your coffee


What it is: Body Wash/ Bubble Bath. It uses some great skin friendly extracts like Argan Oil and Olive Oil to deeply cleanse (this is part of the ‘froth’ on top, real beer, hops, and malt! 

What I like: While still being a soap it cleanses well! I’ve never had the thought to be doing an oil cleanse (or double cleanse) on my body until I saw this, this will help purify those lipid layers in our skin soap cleansers either strip dry or leave behind. AND. THE. SMELL. oh my god. I was hesitant with the ‘original’ scent. I was fully expecting to smell like my great uncle who’s full blooded german on New Years Eve but I was pleasantly surprised to experience a spicy/woody scent with the essence of hops in the background. Happy Bath (the name makes me smile every time I see it) nailed it with this wash in my book and I can’t wait to try some of their other flavors like coffee stout!

What I don’t like: It’s 300ml and I want 30 gallons.

Check them out on memebox.com | $10

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